Maxine Swisa

Welcome to Mindfulness and Compassion for All! 

Maxine Swisa is an experienced educator, facilitator, and author who has a Fortune 1000 background. She has been involved in educational instruction, curriculum development, training, and outreach for over 30 years for native English speakers as well as ESL teachers and students. She has taught classes, led tours, facilitated seminars, participated in public speaking engagements, radio shows, and panel discussions. She is passionate about enhancing our communication skills in order to facilitate greater collaboration, and understanding. She is the author of Positive Attitude Handbook and a contributing author in a book about executive leadership.

Ms. Swisa has created a unique curriculum called B.R.E.A.T.H.E., a series of experiential exercises that incorporate mindfulness, compassionate communication, and intercultural understanding creating a deeper sense of community and cooperation.


Mindfulness and Compassion for All


"Maxine, you are a great person and an excellent teacher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." Francisco

"Maxine, you have made life better for all of us who have traveled abroad to study with you." Eva

"Thanks for everything you taught me during this journey.....especially the way you made me see life. I will miss this experience." Marco